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  1. How do I maintain my site?
  2. What will my website host need to support to be able to implement a CMS?
  3. How much will it cost?
  4. How long will it take to produce?
  5. Do you use Flash?
How do I maintain my site?

There's three ways you can maintain your website; you can hire someone with HTML + CSS knowledge to update your site on demand, you can update it yourself if you feel comfortable with that or you can ask for a Content Management System for your site where you update your site via a control panel on your site.

A CMS will increase the design cost, but will in the long run save you money if you frequently need updates and require a webdesigner to do it for you.

What will my website host need to support to be able to implement a CMS?

There's various tools to do this, but my experience lies in PHP and MySQL. If you are unsure about what that is or if your host support it, contact me and I'll look into it. I can help you find the hosting package you need.

How much will it cost?

This is unique from project to project. Think through what the purpose of the site is, what do you want to it to accomplish, what kind of impression do you want to give to the users. The more specific description you can give of the site's function, the better can I give an quote.

If you have a particular style in mind, please include a couple of sites you think represent the style well.

How long will it take to produce?

Similar to price, it all depends on the project.

Do you use Flash?

I would not recommend an all flash website.

Flash is a good tool, but it's not the best tool to build an entire website with. There are several reason for this:

  • Flash sites is not accessible to visually impaired people. Screen readers can't get the information contained within Flash sites.
  • Search engines is also not capable of accessing the content in Flash website. There is no way to index any information.
  • You can't bookmark or link to a specific section in a Flash website. Each time the user enters the site they have to start from the beginning.
  • Printing a Flash website often leads to missing information and an excess use of ink.

A good utilisation of Flash however would be as an embedded application within a normal HTML page. Videoplayers seen on sites such as YouTube is an good example of this.

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