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London Underground Live Travelnews - Vista Sidebar


A gadget that gets live travel news from and brings you the current tube status on your desktop.

Requires Windows Vista.

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  • On 22.04.09 11:44 GMT Ace007 said:

    Getting error "End Tag 'P' Does Not Match the start tag 'BR'
  • On 07.08.09 21:22 GMT Ace007 said:

    Great Gadget!! LOVE IT!! Currently getting error message "END TAG 'P' DOES NOT MATCH START TAG 'A'
    I'm using version 1.3.17 any idea's?
    Can you please indicate on your site what the latest version is.
    Many thanks!
  • On 11.08.09 04:18 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    From time to time the messages from TFL site contains mal-formatted data that causes errors. Normally these messages disappear before I have time to look at them. Not a whole lot I can do to prevent them. I would ideally get the data in XML format...
  • On 15.08.09 05:03 GMT gazza said:

    Hi Thomas.

    I've been using this gadget for a couple of years and truly find it to be useful (you'll see my glowing post/review regarding it on the MS gadget website).

    However, I'm very glad to have found you Thomas, cos I too have suffered from the "end tag 'p' does not match..." error... and it actually happens every weekend now (or so it seems).

    I too am using 1.3.17.

    Perhaps you could investigate, given it happens so regularly now?

    Although I agree that it sounds like bad code on the part of Transport For London, I also suspect it is to do with the nature of weekend engineering works on the underground and how that data/info is delivered.

    I guess what I'm trying to explain is that the Underground is having major maintenance upgrades. This work is planned (6months to a year+ in advance). This is not real-time disruption on the the network but planned line closures. Perhaps the method by which this 'undynamic' data is being 'published' is the problem?

    Hope this makes sense.

    Best regards,

  • On 18.08.09 06:03 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Ah. I see.
    I'll try to catch that error myself. Can you send me an email Gary?
  • On 06.09.09 16:13 GMT Ken said:

    I too am getting this error consistently now. Very interested to hear of a fix.
  • On 08.09.09 16:07 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    By the sound of it it's an error that appears with interval. Some reports suggests during weekends. I've got some sample data for when it occurs now - I'll analyse that and see if I can come up with a fix.
  • On 23.11.09 13:24 GMT Ace007 said:

    Any chance you can add the DLR to this amazing gadget?

    Keep up the brilliant work!
  • On 01.12.09 09:40 GMT Hackney said:

    Overground would be most useful too!
  • On 15.04.10 03:41 GMT Reg... said:

    Getting End Tag 'ROOT' does not match the start tag 'DIV'
  • On 15.04.10 06:13 GMT CityIT said:

    Yes, a great shame that it keeps breaking with not matching tags. This is such a useful gadget I miss it an awful lot of the days when it barfs at the tags :(
  • On 26.04.10 02:43 GMT BGJr said:

    Love the gadget! It's never left my sidebar since I got Vista. However, there seems to be some 'permanent' bad HTML formatting on one of the feeds, and I've also been getting the 'End Tag 'ROOT' does not match the start tag 'DIV'' error message for about two weeks solid. Any updates in the pipeline that we can look foward to?
  • On 28.04.10 12:30 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Yes - updated version is available from my website. and Wincustomize might not be fully up to date.
  • On 02.05.10 09:23 GMT samisuvi said:

    thankx dear. i like this software.
  • On 24.05.10 05:09 GMT CityIT said:

    New error for a change:- "ERROR! COULD NOT EXTRACT LINES."
  • On 24.05.10 05:12 GMT City IT said:

    Ah right, looks like they've added "DLR" and "Overground" to the list, so there's 13 lines now, not 11
  • On 26.05.10 10:38 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Yup. TFL updated their travel news page. 1.4.3 addresses these changes. Download from my site, as and takes a while to get updated due to moderation.
  • On 19.07.10 11:53 GMT Ace007 said:

    Finally got DLR and London Overground trains added!! Many many thanks and keep up the outstanding work!

  • On 16.08.10 17:19 GMT missy said:

    thanks for this, really useful for when I'm planning what time to leave for uni :)
  • On 22.09.10 12:48 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Updated version for IE9 compatibility: []
  • On 24.11.10 08:15 GMT Romeo said:

    Great work! I hope you update the standalone version of this one as I don't usually use Windows Sidebar.

  • On 29.11.10 07:37 GMT Richard A said:

    Hey Thom,

    Been a long-term user of this excellent gadget.

    With the Tube Strikes today, many lines are operating a "Special Service" or a "Special Service, Part Suspended"

    The gadget doesn't seem to recognise this and returns the status "Error" and greys the line out. It's still possible to click the line and get a full summary, and hovering over a line give the correct status in the tooltip, but the at-a-glance view is just a list of "Errors"

    I guess this is a pretty rare occurance (although these strikes are becoming all too common!) but may be worth investigating further?

    Thanks again for a great tool.

  • On 25.12.10 08:28 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Yea - I noticed they have extended the types of statuses. Something I'll be looking into. Just been a wee bitbusy as of late due to moving.
  • On 20.12.11 17:10 GMT Meipporul said:

    Excellent gadget. Love it.
  • On 01.06.15 05:48 GMT Merrick said:

    Hi there

    Getting a new error today with version 1.6.0 of the gadget.

    Line: 162 - tubedata.js
    Error: Unable to get property 'getElementsByTagName' of undefined or null reference

    This is due to the new Tfl Rail (line id 83) that doesn't have a mapping in the function get_DOM_element_by_line_id.

    Just looking at fixing now.
  • On 01.06.15 05:58 GMT Merrick said:

    For now I've put in a fix as this...

    function get_DOM_element_by_line_id(line_id)
    // Ideally the gadget would dynamically resize itself to the data given by the
    // feed. But in this emergency patch I simply map the ID's of the line to the
    // old HTML DOM ids.
    var map = {
    "1" : "bakerloo",
    "2" : "central",
    "7" : "circle",
    "9" : "district",
    "8" : "hammersmithandcity",
    "4" : "jubilee",
    "11" : "metropolitan",
    "5" : "northern",
    "6" : "piccadilly",
    "3" : "victoria",
    "12" : "waterlooandcity",
    "81" : "dlr",
    "82" : "overground",
    "83" : "overground"
    var verbose_line_id = map[line_id];
    return document.getElementById(verbose_line_id);

    i.e. I've just mapped the new tfl Rail that doesn't have a matching element to the overground (as I'm not interested personally in the status of that service anyway).
  • On 08.01.16 02:36 GMT mwinter said:

    Thanks for the fix Merrick.

    For those with Windows 10 who want to still use Gadgets,
    [] seems to work pretty well.
  • On 29.01.16 02:11 GMT winterm said:

    Alternative Fix which avoids folding the TfL Rail status into the Overground status
    Function parseData
    var line_id = line.getAttribute('ID');
    if (line_id == 83) // #DLRFIX by ignoring TFL Rail
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