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Jubilee Church - Rome, Italy


This is a model of Jubilee Church in Rome designed by Richard Meier. I also made a physical model of this building. A small video clip of the model is available (1min, 26,5MB).

3D Studio Max.


  • On 15.05.09 10:15 GMT Rony said:

    i need some info (plans..side view..analyse) btw gr8 work (Y)
  • On 30.05.09 02:53 GMT yahya said:

  • On 05.07.09 13:09 GMT elham said:

    i need some structural details that are released in journals or books. is there any kind of them available?
  • On 05.07.09 13:26 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I got the plans I used for this project from an architectural book in the school library. Don't remember the name of that book any more though. And the plans I got from that book wasn't reflecting what was built.
  • On 05.03.11 17:34 GMT Anonymous said:

    3ds max?
  • On 10.02.13 16:48 GMT marwa ferjani said:

    I need some information to studie (plan, coupe, facade, vue , analyse, ..)
  • On 18.03.13 00:28 GMT sadaf said:

    i need the structural information and details about this building
  • On 30.04.14 22:37 GMT ThuyTien said:

    excurs me, im Architecture student, i need some information about the process contruction of this church, the stuctural,... to study. can u help me?
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