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How Electromagnets Work


Made as a part of a presentation piece for my Museum Interactive project I had in my second year.

3D objects made in 3D Studio Max and page composited in Adobe Illustrator.


  • On 17.11.08 05:44 GMT Jeff said:

    Nice illustrations!
  • On 02.04.09 08:16 GMT ryo said:

    kool man
  • On 02.04.09 08:17 GMT ryanelder said:

    nice pics how are they made
  • On 23.04.09 08:12 GMT Anonymous said:

  • On 23.04.09 08:12 GMT yoyoyo said:

    that is awesome
  • On 01.08.09 23:53 GMT leo said:

    but how does the electromagnet actually become magnetic?
  • On 01.08.09 23:55 GMT leo again said:

    i still luv ur site
    incase u were interested.
    for sum reason.
  • On 11.10.10 10:22 GMT tomtom said:

    your pictures are good but you hardly have any information! add more info. so we can learn more. also add more pictures and make them as good as the others!
  • On 11.03.11 15:24 GMT Anonymous said:

    electromagnets suck
  • On 11.03.11 15:24 GMT Anonymous said:

    its stuipd
  • On 16.03.11 06:39 GMT Anonymous said:

    the grammar's wrong on the third caption - it says: "have", when it should say: "has". shame really :p
  • On 10.04.11 00:18 GMT satya narayan said:

    thank you for giving some information about this subject
  • On 24.10.11 01:49 GMT ur mums mum said:

    perfect absolutely perfect although some little kid wrote the information but the diagram is very helpful
  • On 11.05.12 12:10 GMT Bakken Designer said:

    We love this diagram and want to ask your permission to use it in our gallery...
  • On 16.10.12 20:54 GMT Matty said:

    i love your diagram! it was very useful :) thanks alort :)
  • On 04.02.13 09:12 GMT Ang05313.201 said:

    Helpful. Thanks, for the help, THOMTHOM,Son of HOMHOM,Ruler of this Site.
  • On 01.04.13 08:03 GMT 7SEAS said:

    Sir, wire must be coated/insulated or not, why does it not make shortcircuit? I had not tried, if it is safe? i like to try, please answer asap.
  • On 04.04.13 07:06 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Yes, it needs to be insulated.

    This is actually the first time it's been pointed out that that bit of information was missing. :)
  • On 10.12.13 15:12 GMT Cdrp12 said:

  • On 21.03.14 18:38 GMT Anonymous said:

  • On 03.04.14 17:54 GMT loyd said:

    This electromagnet is so cool it made me do it do it for a project
  • On 23.10.15 00:28 GMT Farheen Mamtaz said:

    Your electromagnet is really good. It helped me in making my electromagnet for Science Exhibition. THANKS TO YOU!!!
  • On 27.01.16 11:26 GMT Elly Tay Tay said:

    hey this helped me a lot in my homework
  • On 30.10.16 07:59 GMT Jonny said:

    It's a good source of information and it's really useful but you just need
    to watch out from your grammar.
  • On 30.10.16 08:00 GMT Jonny said:

    It's a good source of information and it's really useful but you just need
    to watch out from your grammar. It helped me to
  • On 19.09.17 08:07 GMT Maka Albarn said:

    This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing!! ^^
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