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It's not easy keeping up with the ever evolving world wide web. New technologies bring new needs and new ways of reaching people. Here's a short list of some key factors to consider:

Not everyone has perfect vision. Some need larger text to read text clearly while others require the text to be read to them by speech to text applications.
Search Engine Friendliness
Making sure the documents are constructed well semantically allows search engines and other software to better understand the content of your site. Ever checked what search engines read from your all Flash website? Answer: nada!
Mobiles & Devices Availability
The Internet is not just used by personal home computers. Many devices such as mobiles, tvs, game consoles and other gadgets connected to the Internet are on the increase. Some recent contributors to this trend are the Nintendo DS and Apple iPhone.
There's no reason why your website shouldn't look as good as your stationery when it's printed. Your website can be styled to fit the paper when it's printed. Optimised, free of all the clutter such like navigation which is not needed when printed.

These are some of the points which I consider when I design websites. I do my best to make sure the site welcomes the wide range of potential visitors and customers.

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