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This is my first project in the third year of BA (Hons) Modelmaking for Design and Media. It was an external brief project where we had to get a client or someone to act as client to give us an assignment. I got in contact with an architectural company in Trondheim. They where working on a concept for adding a glass roof to one of the streets in Trondheim. They gave me the drawings for it and this is the result. I also made a fly through animation, but it is currently 200MB. I need to tweak it before I will upload it anywhere.

Each of the frames in this presentation took between 1 to 3 hours to render on a Dell 8300 P4 HT 2.8Ghz, 1GB RAM, ATI RADEON 9800 box.

3D Studio Max 7 with a little Photoshop for final tweaks.

(P.S. Full size is 1.5MB. Sorry, but the presentation is a set of seven 800x600 renders)


  • On 08.05.10 11:29 GMT Ruturaj Patil said:

    Hi Thomas,
    nice render bro ...........

    Nice .......... GOOD ......
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