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London Underground Live Travelnews - Standalone


A gadget that gets live travel news from and brings you the current tube status on your desktop. This is a standalone gadget so it can run without having anything else installed installed.

Requires Windows 2000 or newer.

Download from

Download from Wincustomize


  • On 29.03.07 17:31 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

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  • On 12.02.09 10:15 GMT Russell Bishop said:

    What an excellent widget!

    If I ran vista I'd snap that up in no time, how many people have downloaded it?
  • On 16.02.09 15:35 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    This one doesn't require Vista. You can use Windows as old as Windows 2000 for this. The Vista version is here: []
  • On 20.02.09 16:27 GMT Adz said:

    It cannot retrieve tube data though?
  • On 21.02.09 12:48 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I don't think so. It has to be updated. I'll see if I can find some time to do that soon.
  • On 02.08.09 06:17 GMT olordo said:

    I agree with Adz I get the same message, the gadget is not accessing the data from the tfl server, I get the message "Error! Could not locate tube data"
  • On 18.09.10 13:48 GMT Merrick Chaffer said:

    After install of IE9 beta your gadget stops working correctly. Other gadgets are still working fine, but unfortunately I think the changes to CSS or javascript engine have made your gadget incompatible.
  • On 22.09.10 12:48 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Updated version for IE9 compatibility: []
  • On 26.03.14 13:50 GMT Obiewahn said:

    The "Error! Could not locate tube data" message has returned under IE11 in the last few days
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