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19 Apr 08 - 09:58

Note: this is not an official gadget from Transport For London, so don't ask them for support.

Attention! This blog is no longer maintained. Information and updates will be posted at the new blog.

If you find any bugs, issues or simply got a feature suggestion, please contact me.

Attention Internet Explorer users! IE will incorrectly try to download the .gadget file as .zip from my server. If that happens rename the .zip file to .gadget. Alternatively you can download from one of the mirrors. I'll try to find a fix for this. —17 July 2008

Version 1.4.4 — 22.09.2010
Patch addressing IE9 compatibility.
Version 1.4.3 — 24.05.2010
Patch addressing the changes in the TFL source data.
Version 1.4.2 — 20.04.2010
Patch for unexpeccted formatting of the HTML source data.
Version 1.4.1 — 18.04.2010
Patch for lines with multiple statuses and fixed the update message.
Version 1.4.0 — 18.04.2010
New parsing engine in an attempt to avoid failure due to HTML errors from the TFL data.
Version 1.3.15 — 01.12.2008
Hotfix to address parsing error.
Version 1.3.14 — 26.11.2008
Hotfix to account for TFL source. (The source has been changed significantly, so please report back if you see times when you're missing info.)
Version 1.3.13 — 25.10.2008
Hotfix that restore the update notifier.
Version 1.3.12 — 12.10.2008
Hotfix to provide all information for the detail flyout window and not just the last item.
Version 1.3.11 — 31.08.2008
Added a temporary fix to allow users to refresh data after resuming the computer from sleep or hybernation and the gadget tried to access the internet before the network connections are back online.
Version 1.3.10 — 25.06.2008
Fixed: forgot to enable the update checker.
Version 1.3.9 — 24.06.2008
Intermediate release before 1.4 to address changes in the TFL source which broke the parser.
Version 1.3.0 — 28.03.2008
Added option to select what lines to monitor.
Version 1.2.1 — 27.06.2007
Small tweak to account for change in the sourcecode at TFL.
Version 1.2.0 — 09.04.2007
Because of all the updates and paches I've had to do I added an update notification system to the gadget. Hope this will make things easier.
Version 1.1.0 — 09.04.2007
Finally updated the graphics and added an undocked mode.
Version 1.0.3 — 02.04.2007
Again the format on the TFL site changed. I've contacted them asking of there's any chance they'll provide the data in XML format. Waiting for a reply. Until then, all I can do is make these patches.
Version 1.0.2 — 28.03.2007
Sorry, yet another update. The source file at the TFL site has been a bit unpredictable after the update. I'm looking into finding a more reliable way of getting the data.
Version 1.0.1 — 26.03.2007
Sorry. I screwed up the packaging of the gadget. Think I included the old file.
Version 1.0.1 — 25.03.2007
Emergency patch to account for TFL site change.

Standalone gadget for Windows 2000 or newer: Download


  • On 26.06.08 10:11 GMT ICISAZEL said:

    hello great gadget, any chance of including DLR service infromation
  • On 27.06.08 12:50 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I have been considering it, yes. Currently I'm rewriting the gadget to make the code more efficient.
    And I'm wondering if DLR might be a gadget of its own.
  • On 02.07.08 04:35 GMT GadgetUser1001 said:

    Love the Gadget but currently have an error showing on it. It says End Tag 'DD' does not match start tag 'A'

    I have the latest version of the Gadget
  • On 02.07.08 14:29 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I'll have a look at it. Sounds like more irregular formatting.

    *sigh* I wish they'd make the data available in XML format...
  • On 08.07.08 05:39 GMT GadgetUser1001 said:

    Thanks for that. All looking better now.

    Perhaps you need to email Boris and get him in on the XML case :-)
  • On 12.07.08 05:31 GMT Anonymous said:

    Appalling! How precisely do you upgrade the product. No isntaller and no instrictions where to pout the files!
  • On 12.07.08 12:27 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Upgrading is done just as you where installing it in the first place. Once downloaded, launch the file and it should install itself. You may get an prompt to verify installation. I didn't add these instructions because it's the default behaviour of all gadgets. They don't come with installers.
  • On 16.07.08 04:03 GMT Mark said:

    Actually the download from this site is a .zip with no .gadget in it. However I downloaded it fine from the live mirror.
  • On 17.07.08 05:38 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Hmm.. That is strange. The file on my server is a .gadget file. However, a .gadget file is in reality a .zip file. Maybe your browser is sniffing out the file and detects it as a zip file. I'll have to look into this.
    What browser do you use to download the file?

    If you do get a .zip file, and inside is some XML files, HTML files, and some folders, then rename .zip to .gadget.
  • On 17.07.08 08:05 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I can confirm that Internet Explorer incorrectly download the .gadget file as .zip file. I'll see if there's anything I can configure on my server to prevent this. Thanks for reporting.
  • On 27.11.08 14:24 GMT ade said:

    Hi there - Gold Stars all round for this great gadget. ALAS it no longer works - even the latest version. I am using VIsta. It downloads fine as a Windows Gadget file. Intalls OK - but the display just displays the following error message "Reference to Undefined Entity NBSP. Refresh". Refreshing just brings back the same message.
  • On 28.11.08 10:23 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    I'm aware of that. I had expected there'd be more to fix as the changes at TFL where major. I'll push out a fix as soon as possible. Stay tuned.
  • On 09.12.08 06:50 GMT John said:

    My version keeps telling me 1.3.16 is available, but I can't find it anywhere. I guess I'm being stupid :)
  • On 11.12.08 06:44 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Should be available from my site. I haven't updated the changelog, but the download should give you version .16. If you don't get v.16 then clear your internet cache.
  • On 29.04.10 02:12 GMT Karl said:

    Does the latest version 1.14.2 support windows 7 64 bit 8gb ram? I get the following error when I try to install...


    Unspecified error"
  • On 03.05.10 05:23 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Yes - I run Windows7 64bit myself.

    How are you installing it?

    Save the .gadget file to you desktop and launch it from there. you should be prompted to install it. You could also try to uninstall any old versions first.
  • On 24.05.10 14:29 GMT CaptainGoyles said:

    Hi, great gadget, been using it for a few years now. Nice to see you've now got DLR and Overground included, saves having to poke around on TfL's website. You might want to publicise these additions on your change-log, as I think a lot of people would find it very useful.
  • On 26.05.10 10:44 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    The inclusion of DLR and Overground is due to TFL recently included these two in the same list as the Underground. There was some minor changes in the source, but 1.4.3 addressed that.

    I have an idea though, of how to avoid having users download a new update every time there are changes in the TFL source. No time estimate for when I can get this done though.
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