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03 Aug 07 - 21:41

I've just switched to a new host. One that supports PHP5 and goes by the amount of bandwidth used, not pagehits.

I was closing in on my limit of pagehits due to my gadgets I made that checks in with a file on my server to check for software updates. This caused many pagehits without using hardly any bandwidth.

I also wanted to migrate to PHP5 as PHP4 has reached its end of life. Hopefully everything is back online.


  • On 03.08.07 21:42 GMT Thomas said:

    Testing comments...
  • On 03.08.07 22:11 GMT Thomas said:

    Second Test...
  • On 06.08.07 06:47 GMT Thomas said:

    Testing escape characters:
    It's very annoying when they appear.
  • On 06.08.07 06:53 GMT Thomas said:

    Time of posting: 18:51 - mkgmtime() is incorrect.

    Text with entities: foo <bar> lorem ipsum

  • On 07.08.07 06:16 GMT Thomas said:

    Time of posting at GMT+1 is 12:15
  • On 13.08.07 07:28 GMT Thomas said:

    Timezone is corrected. But gmmktime() seem to return a time that's off. Maybe it's a daylight savings issue... Testing entities ≶element> how will this look..?
  • On 13.08.07 07:45 GMT Thomas said:

    Testing entities <element> handling.
  • On 20.08.07 15:51 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Testing admin post
  • On 22.08.07 07:08 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    test, time is: 13.07
  • On 31.08.07 12:43 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Testing PHP5 migration.
  • On 11.09.07 11:31 GMT Thomas Thomassen said:

    Testing SPAM control.
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