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Keyboard for powerusers from Fingerworks

04 Dec 04 - 14:58

Fingerworks got a very nifty keyboard you all you powerusers out there. It got no physical keys, just a big pad that you can use to type, control the mousecursor or do gestures. on.

It plugs into the USB port and can (on most systems) be used side by side with your existing keyboard and mouse of you aren't ready to get rid of it yet. Very portable as it can be folded up.

You can get it in QWERTY and DVORAK layout as well as a few international layouts.

The price is currently $339.00, but it's the ultimate keyboard of keyboards.

This item is defiantly going on my next item to get for my computer. A bit annoying that I invested in a Logitech Wireless Keyborad and Mouse last year when I bought my computer.

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